Goat's Milk Soaps

Goat Milk Soaps

All of our soaps are made with 100% Fresh Creamy Goat's Milk right from our own little herd of much loved Nubian Dairy Goats. Just Fresh, Creamy, Raw Goats' Milk along with oils of Olive, Rice Bran, Palm, Coconut & Castor Oil. Everyone asks...."Why are all your soaps some shade of tan or light brown?" Well, it is almost impossible to color 100% PURE GOAT MILK SOAP. Our soap making process turns the milk soaps anywhere from light tan to dark brown, depending on which botanicals, herbs, clays and natural spices we add, but you will find our soaps are pretty much a natural shade of tan. All of our goat milk soaps weigh approximately 5.5 ounces, (we say approximately because the soap is always changing in weight, depending on its age).

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